Les founded The NWF in 1992. Today we have three teams playing in the RMAHL.  Enjoy the memories.

7  Championships
NWF II   2
NWF I   4
NWF 40 1
12 First Place
6 2nd Place
5 Third Place




Farewell to Duncan Fader #12

Vince Zambuto Holding The NWF 40 Championship Trophy

NWF 40 Player of the Month

Featured Player Vince Zambuto


Quick Facts About Vince


Vince Zambuto


Local 597 Pipefitter HVAC Service Tech

Birth Date

February 6, 1972(45)

Did You Know?

Vince is a lunch connoisseur having eaten at  restaurants

all over the city and documenting the meals


Maine East High School – Played Hockey

Place of Birth

Berwyn, Illinois



Favorite Pro Hockey Player

Andrew Shaw

Thoughts about being a NWF Player

“A great group of quality hockey players. Very proud to play for this team!” 

NWF 40 Dominate 2017 Season and Take Home First Championship
Team Champs
Left to right - Front to Back
Andy Osvath (OZ), Jimmy Ginnane, Jimmy Pulver, Alex Botvinnik, Rob Carlevato, Vince Zambuto, Owen Kennedy, Chris Toczyl (Tos)
Chris Pupillo, Chris Thompson, Brian Bishop, Henri Ilus, Gerry Dudziak, Duncan Fader, Jim Freeburg (Freebs), Rich Godley, MIke Wolf (Wolfie), Tom Dolan, Les Olszynski, John Cherry, Chad Bradish

The season started with a meeting and a vision.  The 40 had a plan.  Add offensive talent, secure consistent goaltending, and implement disciplined defense. In addition to MVP Duncan Fader #12, Alex Botvinnik #21 and Chad Bradish #18 shared a season adding more speed. We added awesome forwards Henri Ilus #90, and Chris Pupillo #32. Both had an outstanding season and fit right in with the NWF organization. That was in addition to an already solid squad from the last session.  Our Goaltending was bolstered with the addition of John Cherry #35 and Andy (OZ) Osvath #58.  Our goalies were solid throughout the season despite serious injuries.  Neither could make the playoffs due to injury so we reached out to Bob Carlevato #1 who just crushed the playoffs with two outstanding games.  Bob will be a sub going forward.  Our defense had less penalties than any other year and led by Jimmy Pulver #5, helped keep our opponents at bay throughout our 15 and 4 season.  Our entire defense was consistent, relevant, and hard to get around this season. Playoff standouts were, Duncan Fader, Henri Ilus, Brian Bishop #22, Vince Zambuto #39, Mike Wolf #11, veterans and solid contributors Les Olszynski #33 and Owen Kennedy #7, and the entire defense.  A great season thanks to a “bunch of guys who love the hockey game”.  Looking forward to another strong season in the fall. Congrats! 

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The NWF 40’s feature player of the month is Vince Zambuto #90.  Vince started playing for the NWF organization on a sub basis in 2015.  He subbed a few games with the NWF II and did an excellent job.  Vince was brought on full time during the NWF 40 inaugural year.  He is a terrific addition to the NWF organization bringing energy both on and off the ice.  Vince is a versatile hockey player willing to take on any position and offer solid contributions.  He hasn’t offered to play goal yet, but I am guessing if asked he would.  He has helped us win many games and was a rock in the most important games leading to the playoffs and during the championship win last season.  He did so by helping the defense keep the puck out and assisting on many key plays leading to goals.  Vince is a great guy off the ice as well.  He is always participating in NWF events and keeping the guys laughing at his stories in the locker room. We are happy to have him on this team and are looking forward to many more years of great hockey from Vince. 

Duncan Fader #12 will be leaving the NWF organization to work a brand new job in Cincinnati, OH  A little history on Duncan Fader.

Besides Duncan's elite hockey skills on the ice, he also served as an unofficial captain on the team.  He is always offering suggestions on how to play better and improve our chances to win. His discipline on the ice cannot be matched. He would get hacked every time he had the puck, and for as long as he had the puck,  because that was the only way to stop him. Yet he had very few penalties throughout his career with us. That's not to say the hackers got away with it.  Duncan had ways to remind them he wasn't happy but he did it in a way that didn't look like retaliation.  Believe me when he did that the hackers thought twice about doing it again. He was,  by far the leading scorer,  on most of the NWF teams he played on.  He is a leader on and off the ice. Duncan helped us achieve higher levels of play just by the example he set on the ice.  He seldom missed a game and brought it every game he played.  I have some of Dunc's greatest scoring plays etched in my mind forever and I am sure so do most of you.  Always fun to watch him play.

It doesn't stop on the ice.  Duncan is a leader in the locker room as well.  Always willing to share a story and kid around with the guys, but he would get serious when it was game time.  Duncan was always part of the team activities.  He attended the meetings,  NWF outings with his family, helped us organize the yearly playoff pool, had a beer and a brat after games. He showed how being part of a team should be like being part of a family.  I am sure he will be inducted into the NWF hockey hall of fame.  

We all wish you and the family the very best of luck and we hope you keep in touch.  We will.

Duncan Fader #12  NWF From 2008 - Forever