6  Championships
NWF II   2
NWF I   4
9 First Place
6 2nd Place
5 Third Place




Les Olszynski founded The Northwest Flyers (NWF) during the 1992/1993 Fall/Winter season at Rolling Meadows.  It was a mix and match of ice hockey players with skill sets that ranged from good to not so good.  Another team had the original name Les was going to register with, so he was forced to submit another name.  Les saw a banner hanging at the rink that said Northwest Chargers, and he had played on a team once called the Flyers.  So he put the two together and he named his new team the Northwest Flyers (NWF). From the first day Les had two objectives for his new team.  To build a strong and competitive team and to make sure the entire team had a great time.  That first year was tough with only 5 wins, 14 losses, and 1 tie.  Les then started his newest habit of leaving his name and number on a sign that read "Looking for Players" at every rink in the area.  His little signs could be seen in rinks as far away as 40 miles from Rolling Meadows. Les continued to make changes every year and no one on the team was safe.  "If you don't play, you don't stay" was the policy.  Some players only made it a couple of games some hung on for a few years.  Les made it clear that the NWF were going to have fun, but you have the most fun when you’re winning.  Each year the team got better and the nucleus of players began to stick.  Some players from the original founding team remained and continue to play today.  Jim Pulver, John Godley, Brian Lenderman, Tom Dolan, Rich Godley, and Bobby Herich.  Over the years many great players were added to our team including those on the current roster.  In the summer of 2003 there were some thoughts of disbanding because the team was yet to win a championship. The prospect of ending the NWF frightened some veterans, and instead everyone raised their beers and said we will do whatever it takes to win a championship that year.  That year the bond was really sealed.  The NWF upset the favorite in the playoffs to win their first championship trophy.  The NWF have since won several championships, but more importantly this club has built many close friendships.  Shortly after the first championship, the NWF started getting many requests from people in the league to join the team. Rather than turn people away, it was decided to try to become competitive at more than one level.  So the NWF II (The Deuce) was created. That’s right, a second team made up of some of the NWF originals and others that wanted to join the NWF.  Now both teams enjoy success at two different levels.  The Deuce lost in the championship in 2006, only one year after their inception. They followed with their first championship victory in 2007.  They continue to be a force in Rolling Meadows Hockey. Les Olszynski the founding father of NWF hockey retired from the NWF organization in August 2006.  The team works hard to maintain his original objectives.  He is missed by the NWF. The NWF is now an organization made up of more than 25 players.  Playing at two levels of hockey and closer as a team than ever before. There is tailgating after every game, that’s every game, rain or cold.  Complete with beer, brats, chicken, delicious burgers, and on special occasions, ribs, turkey, and fish.  Like the postal creed, rain, sleet, snow, or freezing temps will, not stop the NWF from enjoying post game festivities.  The NWF have several outings each year that include a trip to the Black Hawk game, golf outings, and numerous back yard barbecues.  The NWF consist of two strong teams with guts, a strong bond, and the desire to win.  Come out to see a NWF game and get electrified by their energy. If you want to play on the NWF, or take the chance of having your team play the NWF.  You can do it all here on nwflyers.com.  More and more people are getting NW Flyer fever!  Join the fun. 
Update 2009 Summer - Les has come out of retirement and skates with the Deuce!
Les is a champ
Les Olszynski